The intention was to turn a regular food court into a place for meetings, entertainment, relaxation or work. The changes were inspired by the 1990s. The designers also based their ideas on the roots of Grunwaldzki Square itself, including the huge, no-longer existing tent Goliath, which used to have a cult status and stood in the place of the now shopping centre, giving it a "truly Wroclaw" feel.
           The design concept was prepared by the Wrocław-based MIXD studio. The key to the design was to divide it into different micro zones, adapted to the needs of different groups of visitors as well as their function. We were responsible for the neon signs, graphics and wall murals, as well as table design. The colours and graphic elements are inspired by the 90s - youth magazines, cassette covers, food labels, signs and TV headlines.

Client: Echo
Designed by: Kolektyf / Katarzyna Cimała, Marta Przeciszewska, Kamil Tobiasz, Bartek Zieliński, Mixd
Realization: Kolektyf
Photos: Karolina Kosowicz, Adrian Górski
Interior design: Mixd
Location: Wrocław, Poland
Year: 2019

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